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CASCELLO - 2019 Casall x Verdi x Candillo x Corrado

Born May 17, 2019


The 2018 colt resulting from this cross was so good that it was worth repeating.   The Casalls are just so consistent, not to mention the temperaments are agreeable and they are smart and easy.   Cascello is the same - he's easy and beautiful.  

Casall is one of the best in the world in terms of both performance and his reproductive success.  Anyone who has been around the Casall offspring know they come with that extra something special.   There are not many Casall foals that become available in North America but this one is being offered as we are holding out for a filly from this cross.

For the pedigree gurus, this colt is from Stamm 890, as is Casall, making it a very interesting cross back on the stamm.

Cascello's dam Babella-S has a sister by Casall name Anastasia-S.  There's a jumping photo of her in Babella's photo gallery and it shows you can have faith in the cross.  Anastasia-S is now jumping 1.40 and her first foal is also already an approved breeding stallion with Zangersheide.   Please check out Babella's page so you can  appreciate the quality and strength of the dam line behind Cascello.

$14,000.  Registered Holsteiner, lifetime USEF recorded and microchipped.   He was gelded in April 2020.  He has the type and brain to do jumpers or hunters.  He should mature 16-16.1.   He recently did start cribbing after eating grain, it is completely controlled with a collar but needs to be disclosed.