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Babella-S Elite

2009 Elite, EPTM (spr) - Verdi x Candillo x Corrado, stamm 890

Babella is exquisite; she's absolutely beautiful, has superb conformation and the most sensible temperament.  Babella has a high percentage of blood and a modern pedigree that caters towards making top showjumpers. 

Babella earned her Keur predicate in the Netherlands for the quality of her conformation; she then passed the EPTM (a performance test for show jumping) and earned her PROK predicate for the quality of her radiographs. Once this was achieved, she was awarded the Elite predicate; this is the highest predicate a mare can obtain in the area of conformation and health. Per the KWPN, a mare with this predicate is part of an exclusive group of very full-quality mares.  Babella also holds Holsteiner Verband registration and is a premium mare with the AHHA.

Babella had two foals in the Netherlands before being imported in 2015 in foal to Quasimodo V/D Molendreef.  Her filly by Mylord Carthago was presented as a 3 yo in the fall of 2017 to the KWPN jury in the Netherlands and is provisional keur and was the highest scoring mare in the region. 

Babella is a very interesting mare to have in the US.  While it is easy to recognize her top quality, her super modern type and proven motherline make her an asset to American breeding.  Verdi is one of the best in the world in the ring and his offspring are doing the same. 

Pedigree link: 

Damline and pedigree:

Babella's dam, Romantika-S, started her broodmare career in Holstein, Germany. She went into sport at the age of nine and the results have been outstanding; 4 short years later, she was jumping and winning around 1.45m courses before being sold to Budapest.  Romantika-S has thus far produced:

Anastasia-S (by Casall) -  Elite, IBOP (Spr), Sport (spr), 1.40

Veliene (Acodetto) - 1.30m, sold to England

Catness (Canto) - 1.45

The dam of Romantika-S, Fabella, is still producing foals in Holstein.  Thus far, she has produced:

Cando (Candillo) - 1.60m showjumper and full sibling to Romantika-S

Calgary (Concerto II) - 1.60m showjumper

Caliku (Candillo) - 1.40m showjumper

Loxi 3 (Latus) - Grand Prix showjumper

Kabella - mother of Ares (1.60),  Mimosa (1.50), Caressa (1.40), Valentina VA - dam of Clyde VA (1.60) 

Babella is from the top Holsteiner stamm 890.  This is the stamm of approved stallions Casall, Berlin, Cobolensky, Confio C, Lancerto, Carentan and others.  It is a highly successful motherline for the production of performance horses, with many 1.50/1.60m showjumpers to it's credit.