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Common Questions


How does buying a foal work?

Sometimes we offer foals for sale in utero and some are offered after they are born.  If you buy in utero, we charge 20% down, 40% within 10 days of birth and 40% at weaning.  If the foal is born with any health issues or defects that might cause an issue with it being a normal riding horse, the deposit is fully refundable.  If you buy after the foal is born, 50% is due at the signing of the contract and 50% is due at weaning.  Both methods include registration, lifetime USEF recording and deworming, trims and board until two weeks post weaning. The buyer is responsible for any additional veterinary costs that are incurred.  

Will you do colt or filly only contracts?

Yes, if you buy in utero and want a specific sex, the 20% deposit is refundable if the foal is born of the opposite sex.  The demand for fillies is good and they are usually priced a little higher.

Can you board the foal?

Nope, we are two people that can't do it all and we are vigilant about not overgrazing our pastures so we can keep the pasture quality high.  We will occasionally board the weanlings through the winter but ask that they ship out in the spring before the new foals start arriving.  We do have a few breeder friends that will board youngsters and we are happy to provide their contact information. 

Who are we?

We had our first foal in 2005 and usually have 2-3 foals each year.  Michael is a Certified Journeyman farrier, past Rocky Mountain Farrier's Association board member, clinician and certified tester/examiner for the American Farrier's Association.  Kristie has a day job but regularly brings along a youngster or two while also showing in the medium and high AO jumpers and smaller Grand Prix with a mare that we bought as a youngster to be a broodmare who decided she didn't want that as a career path.  We travel to Europe on occasion to scope out stallions and have many references available from happy foal buyers.  

Do you do custom foals?

Ehhhh, maybe-ish.  Yes, with caveats.    The chosen stallion has to be one we both agree on that is high quality and will result in a desirable and marketable foal.  The semen must also be excellent quality as it's heartbreaking, expensive and time consuming to breed over multiple cycles with poor semen and no pregnancy to show for it.  

Can we come visit the mares or foals?

Of course!